16 Jan 2008

Check the cheque

I have a tiff with my bank.

Some time ago, I had a cheque go astray (and yes America, it is spelt c-h-e-q-u-e!). At least, the person to whom it was paid claimed he did not receive the money.

This was in October 2006. Of course, since both my online checks (see how the word is used, America?) and my bank statement told me the money was paid to the payee, I requested a copy of the cheque. (Ahh, how clear it is, America, to use the proper words in the correct place).

Since October, I'd been to the bank in person several times, called in, sent in a couple of letters... no copy of the cheque forthcoming... and believe it or not, I was even charged for a copy of the bleddy thing.

Finally getting fed up, I sent off a letter (very rude) on Monday morning, copying it to the complaints department of the bank as well as the Banking Ombudsman here in England. I gave them 7 days to respond, else I was going to the police and report my 'missing' money as fraud.

And guess what? On Tuesday I had 2 phone calls ( they left voice mail) and also an email to tell me the cheque has been with the assistant manager since November 12.

Now, something isn't right here. It took a nasty letter, coupled with a threat to get someone to do his/her job. Now, when I go to work, my boss expects me to do mine... with minimum supervision, and meeting timely commitments.

So how on earth a company that turns over several billion pounds of profit a year can't hire staff worth a pint of piss?

I mean, I am still in disbelief. What is so difficult about mailing me a letter notifying me the cheque is at the bank, or sending it by registered mail, or sending it via courier, or sending me an email (they did 2 months later)? I am just baffled. Two (2) months people, 2 months!!

I have to say, I am looking forward to meeting the assistant manager, just to find out if she is as stupid as the evidence pointed. And yes, I intend to ask the question.