31 Jan 2008

Clean hearts?

Check this letter I saw in the Newsday:
Hindu symbol insulted

Wednesday, January 30 2008

THE EDITOR: I must condemn the absurdity of Sugar Aloes using a mala as a stage prop. Does this gentleman know the meaning of this sacred symbol. A mala is used in Hinduism to give blessing and merit to the person wearing it. It should only be worn when your heart is clean and you are worthy of accepting it. The desecration of this symbol by someone who goes by the name Sugar but there is nothing sweet about him he should be condemned. I hope to see pro PNM Hindus like Christine Sahadeo and Manideo Persad denounce this act.

Mr Mohan, I am wondering... since you so specifically claim one has to have a clean heart - how do you justify Ramesh 'Lawsuit' Maharaj and Basdeo Panday accepting malas wherever they go?