20 Jan 2008

Degradation of human life - the gory and the sexy

There is a degradation of human life. It comes in all forms, from the low value placed by bandits who would shoot/chop for a few dollars (or even cigarettes, as I pointed out in one past post).

But more than that, I am saddened that the value of the human life is further cheapened by the newspapers, who in search of the almighty dollar, run over sense and sensibility. Its a sale of the conscience for the next buck.

Lest you do not know of what I speak, take a look at the following pictures, pulled off the front page of the internet editions.

Somehow, portraying sexy gals and fĂȘtes next to a headline that screams of murders seem to be sacrilegious. It seems even that the mainstream media is moving towards promoting the idea: sex sells! Every day for the past couple of weeks they have plastered nubile babes with flat stomachs and bulging breasts on the front page.

So here we have the two competing.... the gory and the sexy fighting to hold a single breath on a page.

And in the middle, the victim is squeezed into an unknown number.