11 Jan 2008

Elbow Grease

I was just looking over my blog when I saw in 'Buying a Life' I mentioned elbow grease. It reminded me of a little episode some time back.

Couple years ago, I was working with underachieving kids, you know the kind who always in trouble in school, with the law etc.

The company I worked for set up this project to recycle computers from companies and government departments that were upgrading, back into underprivileged families and communities.

The kids' jobs were to get the computers cleaned and repaired when we picked them up before we sent them out again. My job was to train them to repair (theory and practical) the computers.

I remember this black kid called Leroy, (no, I am NOT joking) who wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. One day he was cleaning a monitor, and after he claimed he was finished one of my co-workers asked him what the hell he was playing at; it was still unclean.

My co-worker asked him to put some elbow grease into it. And I kid you not, Leroy asked; "What's that? Where do I get it?"

This was too good to pass up, so my co-worker gave him £2 and sent him off to the hardware a little ways off... telling him to make sure and buy a larger size tub. And Leroy went...

What the hell are they teaching kids these days?