16 Jan 2008

Eulogies for the rich, infamous and dunce II

Getting back to the eulogies:

Today is a tragic day. Two women have died in a most tragic accident.

We grieve for Mrs Glenda Morean and Mrs Camille Robinson-Regis.

While they were both colleagues, they rarely travelled together, and it is upon one of these rare occasions that the tragedy struck.

Glenda expressed a strong interest following the artificial insemination of Camille and her subsequent successful birthing at such a late stage in her life, and it was while returning from such a consultation that their car overturned.

Of course, the car hitting the mound of waste asphalt left by WASA was probably the reason it left the roadway, but WASA denies it is their mound, and Colm claims it belonged to Local Government who in turned claimed it belonged to the Regional Corporations who in turn thought that it should be fixed by the Mayor of Chaguanas, or maybe the medical board...

In the end though, they both died looking good; Glenda without boogers in her nose and Camille in a beautiful wig that actually looked real.

The funeral is held late because the mound of asphalt had to be cleared first to allow the clear passage of mourners and vehicles. That could not be done until the commission of enquiry found out who the asphalt belongs to... apparently the law lords hired have not yet submitted their report to the President but following several leaks in the newspapers, the mound disappeared overnight.