31 Jan 2008

Genes doh lie

The study of Mendelism and Darwinism (genetic reproduction and evolutionary streamlining) is so fascinating. I mean, have you ever thought how genetic traits can be inherited, passed to new generations, or sometimes skip one or two to appear again just as suddenly?

I have been thinking about the dotish gene, (yes, it exists as I can prove) and how it afflicts family members.

Take Subhash Panday, defending a 77 years old grandmother who is charged with stealing 100 ochroes. He wants the ochroes brought to court, or a picture of same.

This dotish gene I mentioned afflicts both Subhash and Basdeo.

Subhash, Subhash. In trying to be a smartman thinking the police ent have no ochro to exhibit and thus get yuh client off for lack of evidence, one ah dem duncey go play bright, go and buy some ochro (or tief it) and bring it to court - just to show you how dotish you are. Or alternatively, since you also say you want a picture, one ah dem go bring a picture.

Subhash, is lucky you lucky. Your profession has so much safeguards it ent possible for you to win a Darwin Award, but honestly, I feel if you undertake anything else, you will be a shoo-in.

And doh mind ah did talk to you on that plane from London, ah did still think you dotish back then. Genes doh lie.