30 Jan 2008

My rant for today

I previously wrote about the challenges in disciplining wayward children. In that post, I mentioned a pregnant mother who was pelted in her belly with a stone. The latest is that she has now lost her baby. She is now rightly wondering how she can have justice from the little hooligan who did it.

This morning I logged on to my Facebook page, after seeing an invitation from a friend I have not heard from in 5 years or more. Okay, Facebook may be a good thing in this regard - helping you contact long-lost friends and/or relatives. But I knew there was a reason I hated Facebook and other social networking sites.

On the face of it, those annoying invitations (from the 'vampire' and 'kiss' and other sundry widgets or whatever you call it) from people seem to come by the hundreds. My Facebook page had at least a couple hundreds of various pokes, invites and whatnots.

I can't believe that people I call my friends could be so fecking moronic and childish. What gives?

I may just have to raise the intellectual standards of my friendships. Honestly, WHAT DO YOU GET OUT THOSE SIMPLE-MINDED actions?

Okay I've done my rant... maybe some will pay heed. I doubt it though... if you're a Trini you're guaranteed a dotish gene it seems.