13 Jan 2008

Incompetent? Or just plain duncey?

"Wanted man shot dead, cop injured".

Not that I am blood thirsty, but when I see a duncey get wounded in a shootout, I feel relieved. Relieved that the gun battle wasn't one-sided, or an execution by the police dunceys. When I read of big, big shootouts, and the only results are that 'some bandit get shot/killed/wounded' I have to be suspicious, because the law of averages is on my side, and not on the side of dunceys who get fired upon and always miraculously escape from bullets that apparently have eyes and sense not to hit dunceys but only bandits. (That sentence there is worthy of Keith Smith I daresay).

And just to prove my point (once again), that the entire police force is riddled by dunceys, Anand Ramlogan has pointed out today that one year has passed by since the murder of 14 years old Aleem Ali, and in all this time the file for the investigation has not yet reached the DPP. After being called 17 times, with the prosecuting duncey always begging
(for more time) like he on Mucurapo Street, the case was dismissed.

The only loser being another soon to be forgotten victim and his family. And PC Gary Huggins will continue receiving his salary and perks for being incompetent.

Monkey Island indeed - justice is still blind, deaf and dumb.