21 Jan 2008

Is TSTT - doh BLINK!

Ever saw something and think: WTF??

Looking through today's Guardian, I saw an article saying TSTT was outsourcing its call centre to India.

Now I have several problems with this.

  1. Indians speak real funny. Trinis speak real funny. I see a great communications barrier. First hand experience.
  2. Indians in India will never understand the Trini socialisation process... by this I mean our complete way of talking, joking, etc etc. I can see more trouble here ahead. This I know from first hand experience from calling Indians in India.
  3. Labour in Trinidad is cheap, and it would be more feasible to train people (bright young 'A' level students for example who cannot afford university). UK companies are being forced to bring their call centres back to the UK despite the higher costs, because in the long run it was costing more with unresolved calls and complaints from customers.
  4. TSTT claims technical expertise is unavailable in Trinidad. That is baloney, (aka bull ta-ta). Call centre staff are usually trained like mice in a maze... they go through fixed routines and if they can't solve the problem, they escalate it to higher levels. So, TSTT can train anyone (except dunceys) to do the job.

One thing puzzles me. TSTT claims they have 500 call centre staff. Then how in France when you call you never get through?

I had a padner once who claims TSTT was a racist company. Anytime he went in he used to bawl that was only Negroes working there, and as an Indian he never get help.... that as ah Indian he was treated second class. No joke, he really raised his voice and bawl. Was only then they try to hush him up and fix up he business quick quick.

Anyway, dat is anedder story, for a next time. In the meantime, enjoy another WTF? moment.