6 Jan 2008

Like McDonald's - I'm loving it

I wonder how many members of the national public ever wondered at the finances of ministers (in my case I also wonder at Shermie's and other members of the judiciary). Specifically, I am referring to the state of their bank balances before, and after a ministerial appointment.

Clearly you will realise I am not trusting any of these to be honest... instead of throwing out a case against Eric Williams, a little look at the finances may have revealed a bit more... as the Americans say - "follow the money trail".

Readers may perhaps be wondering at this morning's poke at government ministers. Well, I read this morning in the Express of a 'crime retreat' of the biggest dunceys involved - to Salybia. Coincidently to a resort owned by PNM minister Roger Boynes.

The venue chosen was the Salybia Beach Resort-owned by former People's National Movement minister Roger Boynes. This was the same resort used by the newly-voted-in PNM government following November's general election for what it said then was a team-building exercise.

How's that for fattening the calf? Eh? Am I the only one wondering what would be the (inflated) bill submitted for payment? And it will be paid - without a murmur.

I also wonder at the political pressure that is applied to our 'independent' press. The Express has revised it's murder count of 395 for 2007 to be more in line with the government's count of 388, in the same article. That makes me wonder if Ken Gordon only had balls to stand up to Panday, (the pseudo-racist comment) and not to Pa-trick. Again, we can 'follow the money' I suppose.

On the other hand I am in rare agreement with Pa-trick. A state of emergency, limited or otherwise, may well see both police and army dunceys abusing citizens' rights even further. Pa-trick seems to know his troops well. At the risk of sounding racist - is this a black thing?

As 2008 rolls on, I'm looking on; and like the McDonald's ad says - I'm loving it. The population's getting screwed, and they're loving it too.