29 Jan 2008


The last movies I saw were Beowulf and last night, Charlotte's Web.

Beowulf is a masterpiece of CGI, and for those of you who haven't seen it yet, it is the most real life CGI movie to date. From sweat, scars and rain on skin it is even more superb than Ice Age II or those that trumpeted 'state of the art' CGI.

Warning though: this movie is bloody, violent, and has scenes of a sexual nature (Angelina Jolie naked, nipples to crotch, in CGI is an eye opener), so is not suitable for kids.

Charlotte's Web is a family drama, and again the CGI is so real, you'd swear it was real animals they were working with. It is sentimental, heart warming, and most little kids will take to it, though any adult will also fully appreciate the subtleties in the movie. I did.

Stop reading and go take a peek.