1 Jan 2008

The Old and the New

The Old Year, 2007 ended with a bang... several bangs in fact. 3 more persons killed, one of them a 78 year old pensioner who was killed by having her face bashed in. Yes, bashed in. At a time when the poor woman might have been happy looking forward to 2008, her happiness would have given way to terror in her last moments.

The two main dunceys in Trinidad could do no more than dispute the actual number of murders. In what may well be the most dotish statement of 2007, Paul even had the gall to say that scientific evidence may not help in solving cases.
If the police has to solve crime, we depend on a large extent on human intelligence. In solving many crimes, scientific evidence may not help," Paul said yesterday during the police's weekly press briefing at Police Administration, Port of Spain.
Well, that's not surprising - I guess Trinidad dunceys may not know how to gather scientific evidence. But tell them to beat the first man they hold off the street into submission and confession, and they pretty good at that.

At least Pa-trick not smiling as he shows off his $148M home; if he was, I doubt I would have forgiven him.
Now that headline makes me feel as if Pa-trick gave (Eric) Williams a gift, and he feels vindicated because of it. I am not privy to what went on in the backrooms, but I am pretty sure now Dhansook is in for the time of his life. When PNM rally, they rally.

In a headline screaming FAKE COPS ROB, CHOP UWI STUDENT the first question to my mind was: does the reporter have evidence that the cops were fake? But I guess they must try all ways to make the dunceys look good... keep the faith as it were.

Why is my blog negative? Well, just proving my point that 2008 will be no different from 2007, and corruption and ineptitude will continue to be highlights of the day at Monkey Island.

Happy 2008!!