22 Jan 2008


This is a photo printed in today's Express, of senior dunceys attending the funeral of a deceased colleague.

Note carefully that there is only members of one race in the photo. Now, it might be that the photographer did not knowingly attempt to portray this, but indirectly has shown that the upper levels of the duncey service is indeed top-heavy with people of one race.

Many have complained of this.

Oh, and lest you think I am unduly harsh,
...her son, Insp Tommy Saroda said it was Noel who taught him to read and write better.

"Before I entered the Police Service in 1979, I was a cleaner and she would help me to become a better person to the point where I eventually became a police officer and now I am an Inspector, she was always there for me,"said Saroda.
Cleaners can become dunceys. Now, before you argue that the man might have educated himself, let me assure you that promotions are not based on merit, but seniority. So a duncey entering the TTPS in '79 will indeed be promoted. I'm only surprised that he is merely an Inspector; in fact, his boast is actually quite damning.