8 Jan 2008

Play some 'body' music

While the government, specifically Martin Joseph and Trevor Paul, and Pa-trick, are running away from the responsibility of crime - crime is running amok in small Trinidad and Tobago.

I must say, I am astounded by the lack of imagination of the responsible parties... both in their 'solutions' to crime, and their excuses. It seems that the best idea they came up with at Salybia is to buy sorrel.

Murder is probably the most heinous and serious of all crimes, and in 7 days so far, we have 14 murders. Statistics quote this as being 10 more than the same period last year. If the trend continues (pray it doesn't!) then a 350% increase in murders might be possible.

This is not taking into consideration all the other criminal acts.

As I recommended before, maybe the population need to take up some lathis and put down some body music on these imbecilic and unproductive morons.