16 Jan 2008

Popping necks and popping-jays

Once again, the issue of the death penalty has cropped up. The Prime Minister has come out in support of this as his greatest weapon on crime fighting, and is willing to get the death penalty re-implemented by any means possible. Legally of course.

I can't help but think how he would justify this from the pulpit of his church when he retires. We all know he aspires to be a 'tent' preacher. Maybe he has just revealed his commitment to driving a bus then?

On the other hand, the man who broke the law to hang 9 men is now calling it a national joke. He is right of course; to hang them you first have to catch them and convict them. In a previous post, I quoted the crime detection rate at the dizzying figure of 20%... given out by the dunceys at their weekly jockey shorts meetings. I estimated it at 8% but that was after they beat and frame people.

For instance:

Last weekend in Central Trinidad, police arrested a car thief dressed in the uniform of a soldier, who has since been identified by his senior officers and is being sought for questioning.

The man is identified, and yet in 5 or more days the dunceys have not yet arrested him.

The point of this post is really that we have two popping-jays bristling at each other, and whilst the show goes on in the media, the situation remains the same. No matter the amount of 'gallery-ing' they do, the people are the ones who suffer. But you buy votes by postulating, beating your chest and showing off who has more...

Spend money on buildings, spend money on roads, spend money on re-fixing airport runway, spend money in the newspaper ads, spend money on wigs and IVF treatments... but none of that requires any independent thoughts. No innovation, no planning, no solutions.

As I commented to a friend a few days ago, to me it seems like this government is out to grab all it can for family and friends before the oil runs out. I've still to be convinced otherwise.