23 Jan 2008

The price of not exposing your balls in public

Yesterday, the murder enquiry into the death of Sheldon Des Vignes started.

Lest you not recall who Sheldon Des Vignes is - Sheldon was the poor bloke who dared question a duncey as to why he was beating up on his cousin for wearing a camouflage pants. Duncey was beating him in the street to take the pants off - yes, in the street (or 'in the road' as we say in Trinidad).

Sheldon's interference cost him his life; the duncey actually ran into the private yard he (Sheldon) was in and a gun was fired at close range into his head. The autopsy confirmed that the gun was fired at close range to his head.

This is one to watch, because I am sure a combination of political clout and duncey incompetence (both at investigation and prosecution levels) will result in the duncey walking free.

Hmm, I wonder if this is the first time a man's life will be worth the price of a pants? Or not exposing your balls in public....