20 Jan 2008

Quotes of the stupid I

Lately I've been toying with introducing a few new ideas to my blog. Hence the eulogies bit.

Another idea I have is to introduce the stupid things public figures say. With that in mind, lets move into our first.

Condemning the PNM for censuring Louis Lee Sing (Citadel owner and PNM financier), Selwyn Cudjoe wrote:

Moreover, the party has an obligation to give a clear, ambiguous sign that the views of the ordinary party member is represented and respected at every level of the party.

Clear and ambiguous as he always is. :-)

And Wesley George, the education officer of the PNM:

The other very common family organisation is the woman-led single-parent family and this may come about as a result of a failed marriage or relationship or some misguided neo-feminist ideal.

So is the PNM misguided in appointing a sexist, uneducated ass to this post?