26 Jan 2008

When sense becomes nonsense

Paying Dunceys Twice:

And Harry Partap has revealed that the government is now charging protection money via the duncey service, to provide security to business men.

No wonder duncey Paul had to cancel sports... he needs men and women to replace those whose time is taken up providing the 'private' security to businesses. Legal extortion, that's what this is you know. Paying twice for the same service.

Dotish words:

For a woman who knows the law, Dana Seetahal has moments when she ent even have common sense. Hear this:

Seetahal said despite public belief, Sharma had not come out with a "clean slate" and was not "cleared".

She said, "If you are charged with a criminal matter and you are found not guilty, it does not mean you are found innocent."