28 Feb 2008

Amend those laws!

Once again dunceys have assaulted a person without justifying their actions, and once again they are found to be at fault. Once again the State has to pay compensation, and once again two dunceys are still laughing, knowing that despite their actions, they will still be promoted, or continue to reap the not inconsiderable benefits of being a Trinidad and Tobago duncey.

Once again the court is helpless to punish these idiots who make a mockery of law, natural justice, and our sensibilities.

Isn't it time the law was amended so that at these cases the court can pass an appropriate punishment instead of passing it to the Police Services Commission? Then again, amending laws to bring dunceys in line with civilised people might require a whole year of Parliament meeting every day...

But with Monkey Island being what it is, I think we will see many many more situations like this...