2 Feb 2008

Another typical day

I am dismayed this morning to find out two more teenage girls are missing. I hope that duncey investigations are successful, but truth to tell, inside I can't believe in much success.

In other news, dunceys shot a man at 3.20 AM after receiving information. Indeed, this article does not even mention what information was received, and I am wondering how accurate this story is. However, notice the dunceys police only have to say "He fired first." for all to be well.

Whilst I admire Inshan Ishmael for standing up for a better Trinidad and Tobago, I have to say I am most ticked off at this stupid stance he took. Maybe he wants to appear on his own show?
Speaking to the Express after the protest yesterday afternoon, Ishmael said, "The battle has just begun. That is why next Friday will be Black Friday. We will be bringing all of our vehicles with D plates and blocking the streets of Port of Spain. Port of Spain is going to remember us."
'D' plates on vehicles (by law) are only to transport them from the dealership to the Licensing Office for registration, or for demonstration. If some duncey put a charge in his arse this time, all I can say is: it good for him. You can't want to correct other people, then break the law yourself when it is convenient. In any case, there are indeed too many cars on the roads and it is high time the government does something about curbing new registrations.
4,000 police officers, soldiers; cameras in Carnival clampdown.
I have to wonder about this headline though. How come we can have 4000 dunceys and soldiers out for carnival only? What happen to the rest of the year when all the crime escalates? Look, is the same people involved in the rapes, murders, kidnapping who does be feting for carnival; in fact over the carnival period, crime drops dramatically.

I wonder though, if those cameras will remain after the carnival. Or are they just a 'show and tell'?

But this is a good one from Trevor Paul.
"It must also be known that I have given strict instructions to police officers to deal aggressively with those who may choose to indulge in criminal activities, and moreso, to confront law enforcement as they commit their criminal acts. It must be understood that any such confrontation will be met with the degree of force that is deemed necessary," Paul said at a press conference yesterday.
Truer words have never been spoken as those highlighted in red. I know he didn't deliberately reveal this truth though; it must have just slipped out at the jockey shorts meeting.

All in all, it's another typical day.