14 Feb 2008

Attention! - Things not to be missed

As I observed yesterday, the dunceys have charged the pregnant relative of Kerry Maraj (that aggressive teen who was beating her) with murder. Seems I can't enlighten these dunceys in any shape or form. Of course, I don't know all the facts, but I daresay down the road, after a lot of wasted public resources, the charges will drop to manslaughter, or be completely dropped.

A 13 years old child, kidnapped for ransom after a failed robbery... the ransom being the money her father has to build his house. The robbers actually wanted the money the man supposedly withdrew from the bank to purchase materials. What the hell is Pa-trick and Joseph doing? I want to see Imbert-cile and Narace jump on the bandwagon to defend the PNM policies that allows this to happen. I feel for this man, and as a father myself, I hope his child is returned safe and unharmed.

As an aside, I watched a video on Bandwagonist's blog where Martin Joseph was bleating like a jumped sheep about statistics and crime - and I knew he reminded me of someone. Once upon a time I would have said George 'Dubya' Bush but then I realise he is more like Hazel and Bush combined. That's a pile of shite I won't want to encounter even long-distance, folks.

Usually in any news story, the full facts are never reported. Which is why when a 15 month old baby is kidnapped by the father, a soldier, I worry. Because I know the dunceys, and the army, will side with him, hide him, protect him... and screw the mother over. The sad part, I bet some of the same dunceys and soldiers will approach the mother to get into her pants before they raise a finger to help. I lie?

Jerome Audain of Curepe, a man who must have almost as many letters to the editor printed as Imbert-cile says today:

I notice that our Head of State is being dubbed the "partying" President.

My gut feeling is he's being unfairly pilloried for maintaining the benchmark of decorum set by our elected representative-like, say, government ministers removing their party ties in order to comfortably play mas.

So now with the standard of Parliamentary behaviour and Executive protocol firmly established, it's only a matter of time for the "partying" republic to have a "jump-and-wave" chief justice, a "wine-and-grind" commissioner of police and a "jook-and-chook" brigadier.

I hate to burst your bubble, but we already have the CoP and the Brigadier, Jerome. Come next Carnival, we will see if Archie joins them on the road. And no, the Prez is not unfairly pilloried. In fact, I think the public is too kind to him.

A woman who stabbed a man for wining on her for carnival is given $80,000 bail. I'm wondering if the bloke will be charged for assault, which is effectively what he did. I bet that answer will be no - in fact, I bet the dunceys will agree she look for it, or sympathise with him.

Last but not least, the issue of Executive Presidency rears it's ugly head. I predicted that once the PNM wins election that Pa-trick WILL move ahead on this executive presidency. So said, so done. Watch how we gain a democratically elected dictator. At least Pa-trick waited 3 months after the election to proceed.

Funny enough, this is not reported by the Guardian, and is buried deep in the Express. I wonder if this is a tacit approval for the future King? Is this why Archie was appointed, to help pave the way? And Wining Max?

Telling you 'I told you so' might not be the polite thing to do, but I have to say, the people brought this upon their own heads. Wine on it now.