17 Feb 2008

Bad Parenting

The crowd at Disney On Ice

Lately I've been thinking I am being a bad parent. I indulge Punks more than I should really; but then again, that look of happiness that comes on her face is priceless - to me.

I've come to expect (sometimes too much) that Punks should be happy, but also I've been thinking I'm shirking responsibilities.

For example, I indulge her into eating too much. Now she is putting on extra weight - and it is easier to put on than to take off. Winter also does not make for the best time to exercise.

Also, I am torn between letting her do things she enjoys, like playing with her friends, or watching a movie, or even being by herself having that extra-long bubble-bath she enjoys. On the other hand, she is growing up, which means less time for her to enjoy her childhood, and get more into the 'responsible' way of life. Studying, doing chores - sometimes I think childhood is all too brief. Punks is only 9 (soon to be 10) but her childhood is effectively finished.

Except by saying no, I lose 'the look'. And feel like a beast for doing so. So, am I being a bad parent?


The 'Look'

That's the look above of a child in pure joy, who has experienced magic and has not a care in the world - as children should be.