26 Feb 2008

The bigger fools

You know, from the kind of chupidness that pass through the mouths of politicians, that they expect the population to accept as true you would think is dey brains and not skin like crapaud leather.

I mean, take NiLeung Hypolite, Parliamentary Secretary in Works and Transport. He claims there is no criminal activity in URP. Well of course there isn't... for the PNM.

Then again though, do they really expect the country to believe that tripe? Clearly from reading the comments at the Express online article, many persons think Hypolite is being more than dotish.

Well, so do I. Except I don't have a word to describe his intellectual capacity at this point.

But evidence also points to the PNM having one weapon in its 'arsenal' - spin. Try to make something bad look not so bad and hope something worse happens to make it look good.

PNM making bad things look good, and people believing them - I wonder who exactly are the bigger fools?