27 Feb 2008

Building a scholarship fund

Hmm, it seems that retirement is a saving grace for many person who are caught in dodgy affairs in Trinidad. First we had Sat Sharma retiring before anyone could get to clear the muddy waters - did he or did he not try to influence the Panday trial?

Then we had Shermie who retires in a few weeks thus effectively killing any disciplinary against him; after he made the nation a laughing stock in the same Panday trial and literally taking the law into his own hands.

Now we have Andre Monteil retiring with $110 millions of the nation's money in his pocket. Despite a promise from Pa-trick that the money will be returned, no effort has been made so far. Aside from the capital amount still warming the cockles of Monteil, can you imagine the interest he will pocket even if he does return the capital? $110 M at 6% for 6 months is a nice little retirement fund.

I happen to know that many Duprey ventures pay a lot more than 6% though. Instead of warming himself with sheep on the farm, he may well be able to afford the traditional PNM blonde. He doesn't need any 'scholarships' for his kids for sure.