8 Feb 2008

Carnival done; life back to normal

Continuing from yesterday, Shermie was given a little luck - four charges were deemed irrelevant. But two remains. Highly unlikely though that the matter will be finished before his retirement, so any further action seems as effective as a fart in the wind. Sad, that one man can make a mockery of the legal system, and show the JLSC the finger on the way out.
(Israel) Khan said while McNicolls did not get "a total victory", the ruling by Justice Jamadar provided a measure of hope that the charges against McNicolls would "eventually fizzle out".
In other news, Inshan Ishmael is still being a bit of an idiot. The man goes on air, and makes complaints about the traffic situation, but also wants no limits on the number of foreign-used cars. And he calls other people dotish!

And following in the fashion of major celebrities to exaggerate everything happening to them, Brian Kwei Tung has quite a tongue - a minor accident that injured his foot suddenly became 'life threatening'. Read the comments on the article.
Former finance minister Brian Kuei Tung is thankful that the accident which he says could have led to his death on Carnival Monday only resulted in minor injuries to his left instep.

"I could have been killed. I am thanking God I am still alive and the injury was minimal," Kuei Tung said in an interview with the Express yesterday...

..."He was supposed to wait on me for my instructions to move forward. He started to move forward slowly before he got my instructions. The trailer just touched me and I lost my balance," Kuei Tung said.
Sorry to be blunt Brian, but if you gone is only yuh family and de UNC go miss you. And I not even sure Bas go be one of them. If you looking for sympathy that was the wrong card to play - better just give back the money you make from the airport project.

And if you read carefully, you will see once again just how stupid Martin Joseph is. But let me not get into that - I might start foaming at the mouth and thing. Just check the video here.

Lisa Allen-Agostini asks some pertinent questions:

We could work like beast in a mas camp, beat pan till we hand finny, jump up from fo-day mornin’ until the last beat on las lap. But we can’t finish a project on time. We does join the gym and drop out. Start something and before it done we tired, so we stop.

What it is about Carnival that does drive we so? Anybody ever ask the question in a systematic way so that we could apply that to, say, secondary school drop-out rates among girls in Caroni or the east-west corridor?

How come we would design them big big costume and put 200 pounds of fiberglass and nylon to balance perfect on a man back, but we can’t engineer a good road that ent go mash up every rainy season?

I wonder if I will see an answer to that last question from Imbert-cile in the newspapers soon?

As you can see from these issues, Carnival is over and life returns to normal. Expect a higher crime rate now too - them boys have to recover the money they put out for carnival.