3 Feb 2008

A comedy of errors

Allyuh Trinis who leave Trinidad, and the foreign readers... allyuh have any idea how they does measure speed for a car in Trinidad? You know, to find out whether you speeding or not nah. It ent have nuttin like scanner and radar gun dey you know.

First, ah duncey go stand up in one spot, with a stick about 3 feet long paint white...

Ah next duncey will stand up bout 200 metres down the road. He have a stopwatch (if he lucky, else he have to use he watch).

So a car pass first duncey. As it pass he raise de flag. Second duncey start de stop watch. When de car pass him, he stop de watch, but he flagging down de car. Now, anyone who even do 'O' level physics (which dese fellas ent pass, else dey wouldna be dunceys) could tell you that there are so many areas for errors in this system, it ent funny.

So the long and the short of this is the same as the accuracy of telling me how many hairs are on my arse by just looking at me.

Allyuh think is joke funny? Allyuh think is a joke I does call dey Monkey Island? Anyway, in this comedy of errors, they charging people for speeding. I mean, how dey could tell I driving 50 mph instead of 49?

And to make it worse, dem dotish magistrates like Shermie supporting them.