11 Feb 2008


This morning's Express has a headline 'WARFARE". The article outlines how families have fled Laventille due to gang warfare. Apparently the reprisals for the death of a 16 years old kid killed has gotten so serious, even the police were advising the families to get out.


People left with only what they can carry; leaving behind items such as televisions and fridges. Items worth thousands of dollars that must have been hard to come by, yet they turn their backs in the effort to preserve life.

One wonders whether the dunceys will ever begin to do their jobs.

This is what Trinidad has come to - an open war; and one wonders that the PNM government is still making excuses for 'community leaders' and crime has not yet been relegated as serious enough to warrant a debate in the parliamentary chamber.

Of course, the partisan speaker Barry Sinanan is in full support of the government; he knows where his bread is buttered.

That being said, the opposition is no better. Their aim is purely selfish, regardless of the blood spilt. Ira Mathur's column on Angela Cropper reveals things I long suspected; that helping Trinidadians is an exercise in futility because of two stumbling blocks:

  1. There are many who are too selfish and self absorbed (not to mention corrupt) in the way.
  2. And Trinidadians just don't care much to improve their lot.

Cropper's departure from Trinidad is not so much that she will make a better contribution at the UN, but rather that she cannot make a meaningful contribution in Trinidad. How sad is that?

If people can leave their homes to move into a new neighbourhood, how long before they realise they can also depart the country for good?