17 Feb 2008

Discipline a duncey?

The Police Complaints Authority has been a joke foisted upon the population. I am quite sure that more complaints are made to the PCS about dunceys police abusing their positions and committing criminal offences, than to the dunceys at the stations about bandits, assaults and so forth.

That being said, the PCA is the recognised legal body... authorised as it were by the government to act in a specific capacity.

Ineffective as it is, the inaction of the PCS has driven a group of people comprising lawyers, doctors and a licensed mediator, has been formed to combat police brutality and oppression by other arms of the State.

The independent complaints body is to be called the Centre for Justice.

All well and good; I even applaud their intentions.

But will this entity be like the SAUTT; operating illegally? The clear difference is that the SAUTT is sanctioned by the government; the Centre for Justice isn't. At least that is the impression I am left with from reading the article.

Khalil Saif, a key figure behind the organisation, said while crime was getting out of control, police brutality against citizens only served to worsen the situation.

Saif, licensed by the Mediation Board to mediate in civil matters, said there were mounting complaints of police killings and police brutality against citizens that were not being effectively dealt with.

A functional member of the Washington-based Association of Conflict Resolution, he said the Centre for Justice intended to do what the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has so far failed to do: bring offending officers to justice.

Are you like me? Wondering how they will discipline a duncey who follows the ill-advised path of corruption and greed?