6 Feb 2008

Enter A Ramsingh MD

The BBC has reported on an interesting change in policy here in the UK, one that could have severe impact on Trinidad and Tobago.

Doctors in Trinidad study first for an MB BS, a first degree in medicine. Those wishing to specialise then follow that with an FRCP (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians) or an FRCS (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons). These can be followed by further specialisations.

Doctors in Trinidad therefore traditionally come to the UK to specialise in hopes of becoming better qualified, and by extension, earning a better salary. Or opening private practices, the really lucrative field of course.

The BBC reports that from 2009,

Doctors resident outside the EU will no longer be able to apply for postgraduate training posts in the UK under new immigration rules.

This will of course severely curtail the choices of doctors in Trinidad. I guess more and more will have to be American trained, or alternatively go to places like Canada, Australia etc. Get used to seeing that MD.

What impact upon the local health sector remains to be seen but I foretell things will get even rougher for citizens.