3 Feb 2008

Lapping up the shite shovelled

All the newspapers today are taken up with articles of carnival... and the petty squabblings of dissatisfied soca 'stars'. Go figure.

But as I predicted, crime has taken a hiatus. Go figure.

Even the dunceys have not made the news. Go figure.

Crash dummies dying has though. Drink driving? We don't know - but there is no such thing as an accident as they say in England. It's always driver error, and someone is always responsible. I hope Imbert-cile remembers that when he is next trotting out his statistics from the big countries.

The government is looking at the breathalyser as a miracle cure... heads as hard as hubcaps obviously. Not a surprise there, is it?

I wonder though what all these advisers are paid for? For that matter, what are their qualifications? When you look at a man like Conrad Enill, a minister having a 24 year old adviser, you wonder no longer why Trinidad is going down the proverbial drain. No wonder they can't come up with workable solutions, and just recycle the same inane shite over and over.

And we just continue to lap it up.