19 Feb 2008

Misplaced priorities

Ah nearly buss meh intestines this morning laughing. Really, ah laugh so hard, ah ketch ah pain in places ah didn even know ah had.

Ah mean tuh say, who eh go laugh when dey hear Martin Joseph, Minister of National Insecurity in Trinidad, offering Guyana help with their crime problems? Sad as it is for Guyana, this funny too bad for me, but then again everybody does tell meh ah does laugh at the weirdest things.

Ah see dat like ah man offering to help ketch de neighbour's chickens that get away from the coop, while he own ones running wild.
"That has to be the joke of the Caribbean. He (Joseph) can't deal with our gangs here, but he is offering assistance to Guyana," (Ramesh 'Lawsuit' Maharaj)
Now it have more than just water and ah accent that separate Trinidad from Guyana. Trinidad ent have no mass murders like what the Guyanese experience twice in less than 2 months. But something tell me that with the way Trinidadians like to 'follow-fashion' everyone else, it ent have long before we get jess so. Ah mean, we gearing up for it when you could see 5 or more people get shoot in one day in Trinidad. Doh mind it 'gang related'. De idea of shooting all ah dem in one place, one time ent really happen yet because it ent occur to dem criminals yet. Just gee dem time doh, just some more time.

We nearly had it like that though - remember when some bandit spray bullets in a wake? 7 get shoot, dey jess lucky it wasn more serious.

But last year we had nearly 400 murders in Trinidad, most violent beyond anything a reasonable man capable of. And with a 'ketch rate' of less than 8%. What dat tell you bout Martin and dem dunceys? Dey cyah ketch crab louse in dey own pants!

Man, Martin, yuh intentions good, but look, yuh own house falling dong. Fix that fust before yuh go running to the neighbour to fix theirs.