15 Feb 2008

Money talks, and...

The legal action action against Minister of Fine Ants, Mariano Browne has been halted. Money has exchanged hands.

Readers may remember that RBTT sought compensation from Browne for unacceptable and unauthorised payments to himself while working (CEO) at the then CCB (Caribbean Commercial Bank owned by CLICO). The irregularities were discovered after RBTT bought the CCB.

...all funds due to RBTT from Clico in the matter had been settled.

Now I may be wrong, but I have to ask a few questions.

  • How come CLICO is paying RBTT for the money embezzled?
  • Considering that PNM treasurer Monteil is also a biggie in CLICO, did that money come from CLICO, the PNM or the public coffers?
  • Since Monteil also 'tief' $110M some time back, has Pa-trick encouraged him to repay it as promised before the election? Or now that election has come and gone will it die a natural death?

I always say follow the money but we know that will never happen.

In a land of 9 days wonder, this will leave no more mark than a chop in water and a sour taste in the mouth for some people - but others laughing kiff kiff kiff all the way to the bank.