1 Feb 2008

An observation or two

This morning, I am amazed but pleased to see that the 4 dunceys who were at the Sangre Grande police station and who refused to go to the aid of a young boy being beaten to death with a cricket bat, have been charged.

My question is why a charge of 'discreditable conduct'? I mean, I am not a lawyer, but surely their behaviour and lack of action directly led to the death of this boy? A more sane charge of manslaughter might be appropriate. Then again, state prosecutors don't try very hard, so I'm sure they will eventually get off on the discreditable conduct charges as well. Monkey Island justice. Life is too cheap.

I mean, life have to be cheap if you could have 40 murders in 31 days. If the trend continues, that close to 500 murders to come for 2008. And that does not even include the other violent crime that dunceys can't seem to take seriously. Unless your pockets deep, deep.

Interestingly, one of my neighbours came over last night, and mentioned his mother-in-law who is a Trini, could not get a flight to the UK until March. Now, I'm thinking that this was because of post-carnival travellers heading to Europe.

Imagine my surprise then when he told me that the person he spoke to at Tourist Services informed him it was because large numbers of people leaving Trinidad and Tobago because of crime. I can only think that he was given this information because he has a strong British accent and the person at Tourist Services might have felt a measure of anonymity in revealing this to him.

The attitude of the dunceys don't just apply to murder and/or violent crime though. Even the road fatalities - crash dummies eager to meet their maker - are mainly due to dunceys sitting in air-conditioned stations and air-conditioned cars or making passes at defenceless women.

Today though, I am refusing to get annoyed. Snow is predicted for this weekend, and if it does come I shall be outside with Punks trying to enjoy it. Have a good day, all.