9 Feb 2008

Once a duncey...

I'm bored. Home with (almost) nothing to do. I should be studying, and I do have some work to complete for one of my school projects, but I have been working too much lately and I feel the need to take a break.

I haven't any plans except to take Punks to the movies later (she wants to see Penelope). I am at my wits end.

I decided to take a look (again) at the newspapers and saw something I forgot to blog about this morning - the topic didn't really fit in with the two Camilles, you see.

But take a look at this article;

Senior lawman fingered in car-stealing racket.

I know, I know! I really should try to stop writing about dunceys - I am getting a name among Trinidadian bloggers as only writing about dunceys. But really, has any other group in Trinidad aside from politicians, provided me and continue to provide me with the fodder to keep blogging? I think not.

This even prove another old adage - 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Aha, I bet you wondering how...?

Well, think bout this duncey. After failing miserably in school, not able to learn and cheating his way through no doubt, he has continued to cheat his way through life; and in the process he has not learnt that cheating is wrong. Now it's about to catch up with him... hmm, I wonder if the other dunceys go beat ah confession out he arse like they do other people. I guess not - eventually he will get off, and Denoon and Paul and Reyes will say 'doh leh it happen again boy, you make all ah we look bad dey'.

Just watch me being right... again.