1 Feb 2008

A patched pair of pants

Aside from murder numbers rising, kidnapping also seem to be back in full swing. So far, we have had three kidnappings for ransom. One victim was rescued, another found dead (murdered of course) and the third person's fate is yet unknown.

Now I am wondering what is it in the Trini mentality that makes us so sheeplike?

That may sound a bit rough, but I cannot find any other word to describe the attitude of the people who accept any and all shit shovelled to them.

Here we have a government elected by the people who failed to see that this situation of crime/inflation/ineptitude would naturally continue after the election as it had before.

We have a Prime Minister intent on creating monuments, but the monumental crime statistic may not be what he had in mind - still real and true nevertheless. I hope he is remembered as much for this as his other follies.

A minister of national security who probably can't manage the security of his own home. Yet he is not moved, disciplined or asked to perform. What gives? I am thinking Pa-trick is actually quite the evangelist - we are our brothers' keepers. So he is probably keeping Joseph there as he would keep a retarded son... Give him something to do to feel important and out of mischief.

The minister feels no pain while it all falls apart around us; we on the other hand can only think of the next fete, the next party, the next lime... and to sponsor all of that, the criminals are thinking of the next way to rob us.

Sometimes I think the Trini society is like a pair of pants. It becomes frayed at the arse end (the seat for you polite people) and the government throws on a patch. The patch holds for a while, then that too falls apart. So another is applied, and another until the patches are confusing and no one can tell where one begins and another ends.

And one day, the entire pants disintegrates, because we did not take care of the rest while we were busy applying patches. The world can now laugh freely at our exposed arse.