21 Feb 2008

Shameless Shermie

Shermie McNicolls does provide good fodder for my blog. It is not that I keep track of him, though I admit, he foolishly allows himself to be manipulated by others, and is a constant source of amusement for me. Embarrassment too, because my patriotic side constantly groans: 'what an ass we have making us look bad in the eyes of the world.'

In the latest news concerning the murder of Sheldon Des Vignes (the St Barbs man who was shot in the head by the duncey who was slapping around Sheldon's cousin for wearing a camouflage pants), Shermie allowed Israel Khan to shout at a witness. I mean, won't that be an intimidatory tactic? Boy, if a lawyer decide to bawl at me in court like if I am a little boy, he might get cuff down so farse...

Anyway, I suspect that Shermie allow this to happen because Israel Khan intimidates him. The last time Shermie tried to discipline Khan was when Khan turned up in court wearing Indian ethnic wear (namely a shirt with a Nehru collar). That may well see Shermie at Privy Council stage.

This clearly though was not the same type of issue, and Shermie tucked his balls in and ran. What the hell, he retires in a few months anyway.

I hope this trial ends before then, else Shermie may well get that famous PNM extension to stay on.