13 Feb 2008


I've written once or twice before, on Magistrate Ejenny Espinet refusing to recuse herself from hearing the Panday matter. I mean, regular readers know that my protest is not because I am a Panday supporter.

Nope, my position is because justice must been seen to have been done, as well as being done. Therefore I find it passing strange that she has not yet removed herself from the case, especially since she has close PNM ties as well.

'Lawsuit' Maharaj is right. I consider myself a fair-minded observer, and I see her as being able of bias. Now the key idea here is not that she will be biased - indeed, she may well decide the case the case on totally fair means - but the idea of bias will always taint that judgement and therefore this is what should be avoided.

In other words, Espinet should take a polite hike. Unless she wants to pull a Shermie.

Unlike 'Lawsuit' though, I don't think charges against Panday should be dropped. There are too many issues providing a smokescreen and these need clarifying once and for all.