10 Feb 2008

Something disturbing

I'm sure to receive some flak about this post; after all, I am treading on dangerous ground here. But today I received an e-mail that disturbed my mental equilibrium.

Take a look at the following series of photos:

image001 image002






The e-mail claimed that this child was being punished for stealing bread - I don't know if that is true or not; sometimes the poor in India or Pakistan do dangerous 'street tricks' to get money to survive. The towel under the arms may be there because it might be an attempt to show the car can be driven over the hand without injury... I once had a Datsun 280C park it's front wheel on my right hand (without the towel) to prove that no injury would happen so I know of what I speak.

But there is something disturbing in the mentality of the men who stand around watching an obviously frightened child being abused in this way.

I complained we are losing our humanity, and then I realise as humans we are capable of more cruelty than most species combined. That's the reality of humanity. Pisses me off to no end when humanists talk about humanity as if it is something good.