9 Feb 2008

A tale of two camels... oops, Camilles

It's 3:00 AM. I am up checking the newspapers and first thing I see on the Guardian's web page is:

Camille ‘ready’ for Canada post. (The link is in the archive format so it will be effective tomorrow).

AfterAll I could think of was that this woman has to be ready. She probably knew something like this was coming; she had a complete makeover at government expense.

If you John Public, buy that line about Camille repaying that credit card out of her own pocket then - you probably voted PNM again. But as a former public servant... I can say I have my doubts. The system is designed to hide corruption.

By the way, what the hell is an Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary. The title alone so silly, can anyone take this woman seriously? What the hell happened to a good old-fashioned High Commissioner? It seems that everyone wants a fancy title and if you can't have one you make one up.

Sometime, I'll tell you about the guy who described himself as a 'sanitation engineer' when in fact his job was to clean the toilets at San Fernando City Corporation.

And since Prince Charles and the other Camille are visiting TnT, I thought about how Charlie must be the most famous hornerman in history.

The man horn Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles for 25 years (he divorced Camilla in 1995) in view of the whole world... that is man. Although his (Prince Charles) stint in the Navy had some life changing consequences. Check this out.