12 Feb 2008

That bad egg smell

People who read my blog know already my position on Basdeo Panday. This morning though, I saw this article that took my opinion down a whole new level. I'll explain in a moment but first let me tell you what Bas reminded me of this morning.

Anyone know what a garanda egg is? I am not sure I spelt that right, but it sounds correct (^_^) to me. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, a garanda egg (as we say in Trinidad) is an egg that the hen sits on, but doesn't hatch. As a result it spoils. As long as it remains intact, all is well. However, if the shell breaks, the stink is awful, and lingers around for weeks. That's the old Bas.

Bleating like a sheep for constitutional reform, and never yet able to work with what he has. I remember when I was growing up, we could not afford a lot of the things that people around us had. Whenever we got something, we made it last and last. The point being that if you have no choice, you can make things work with some creativity and determination. Necessity is the mother....

Bas keeps bleating about this constitutional reform, and refuses to support helpful laws, or make changes to the ones that can be improved. Not only is he contributing to the state of the country, he actually blocks progress.

I'm not saying that the PNM is right, or even close to being the government that the people wants. But they are there in the power position, and like that disgruntled schoolboy with the bat, Bas wants things his way or not at all. And he will deliberately be mischievous and put people in harms way to get what he wants.

No Bas, to get what you want, show the people you care. Seek their interest, not yours. I am younger than you, but I learnt that TRUE power comes from empowering others. Nothing makes you feel as good about yourself.