21 Feb 2008

Things to keep an eye on

Today I saw three things in the Express newspaper that had me in some doubt...

First, Machel Montano is finally given a date for his hearing. He, along with bandmates, 'allegedly' assaulted Brandis Browne and Russell Pollonais outside the Zen nightclub. Hmm, is it just me, so is there some kind of blight hitting Johnny Soong where this club is concerned?

What concerns me more about the Machel case is the special treatment he was given by the court - special permission to leave the country, and to perform, and dates for the trail have been fixed round his schedule. One law for all? I don't think so.

Secondly, Basdeo Panday may still yet find himself in another trial for the infamous London Natwest account. Okay, I'm not exactly a fan of the man, but let us hope this time around he gets a magistrate with non-PNM affiliations. By the way, Ejenny Espinet still has not recused herself from the other Panday trial despite having close PNM ties. Indeed she herself is the presiding magistrate over a hearing as to why she should recuse herself, and as such has debarred witnesses from coming forward to testify as to her PNM affiliations. Talk about holding your toes and trying to jump... She now gets to tell both the defence team and prosecutors to 'feck off, I not moving'.

And the Police Service Commission (PSC) is not yet able to select the best of the best duncey for the top position. Is this a hint that Trevor Paul may yet be foisted upon an unsuspecting population for yet another term? Is he prepared to die in office?

Sometimes I wonder at the Trinidadian potential for dotishness and the appetite for more.