15 Feb 2008

This democratic country

joseph-Mastrofski Ah yes. Today is a different day. I promise myself, I am not going to write about dunceys today.

Not one word. No matter how I am tempted.

Instead I will write about their boss, Martin Joseph.

Now, I have to say I had left Trinidad long before he came on the scene, and I never saw him (except for photos) or heard him speak aside from this video but I found something so effeminate about him that no matter he shaved his head and tries, he still won't come across as macho as Rowley. At least that is my impression.

Aside from the video, some of his quotations in the media tells me that the bulb doesn't shine quite as bright in this man either.

Joseph said law enforcement is doing its job, but one of the challenges faced was the fact that we live in a democratic country and the actions and operations of law enforcement must be balanced.

Given that we live in a democratic country, shall we begin talks on executive presidency, smelters, tsunami shelters...?