23 Feb 2008

This much truth

Trinidad is a place where the guilty, as long as you have the right friends, can walk around with a smile on their faces, and laugh all the way to the bank. It is also a place where the innocent and victims suffer more than the guilty.

It's not only the rampant corruption that is to be blamed. It is also we, the people for putting up with it, the attitude to shrug our shoulders and say, "Wey we go do?"

There is much to be commented on this morning; the newspapers are rife with tales of Panday, Uthara Rao (Pa-trick's personal friend with the yen for young sexy females), giving our $$ to yet another foreign company when there is no need, the dead-end task of duncey investigating duncey, and other sundry items.

I feel too jaded to go into details though. I mean, I ask myself what's the point? No matter how glaringly obvious the shite that flies, we lap it up and ask for more.

I see Pa-trick and Hazel going to Jamaica for the UWI, Mona 60th anniversary dinner reception. So I ask myself, in what capacity did Hazel Attend? Was it as the wife of the Prime Minister or as the Minister of Local Government?

Either way, she did not belong. As the wife of the Prime Minister, she was given a portfolio for Local Government, a responsibility that ought to have kept her at home. How can she officially function as both? As the Minister... well, the Minister of Education would have been more appropriate a visitor.

But since the shite never dries up, I am not going to beat myself up over it today. I am off for breakfast and an idle day.