16 Feb 2008

The way things are

Yesterday, I told myself I won't write about any dunceys. I suppose it was an effort to discipline myself, but my oh my, they do beg for attention to the chupidness they do.

Yesterday, the Express published a story about Police Constable Chris Barrath, killed after coming out of a cinema in Port of Spain. A hold up gone bad you may say, though the way criminals are deliberately executing their victims to prevent identification, I daresay this is a holdup gone right.

To date, the investigators have not yet been able to solve the case. A security camera outside the Magistrate's Court was thought to have photographed the crime (and criminals). Not so though.

A security officer assigned to the Port of Spain Magistrates' Court, yesterday disclosed that the camera had not been working for some time and would have provided investigators with a "bird's-eye" view of the incident.

The camera turned out to be non-functioning for weeks.

The security officer attached at the court, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said since Barrath's murder, the malfunctioning camera had been quietly repaired.

The incensed officer told the Express, "A man get murdered right in we nose hole and they (whoever is in charge of the cameras) can't help the police with a picture. They need to investigate them for their carelessness."

He continued: "What if something happens to a magistrate coming outside the building? This is a big magistrate court. Everything supposed to be working in tip-top shape. All kinda people come here. What supposed to be working ain't working, they wait till a man life loss to fix the camera.

Just imagine... you have to wait till somebody lose his life - before you get things done. And allyuh wonder why I calling it Monkey Island?