12 Feb 2008

With great responsibility comes great power

Recently I had a couple of conversations with two female friends... online conversation as they both live in Trinidad. Now I have to say, despite being a Grumpy Old Man, most of my friends are young, single and HOT females. Don't ask me why. Maybe I'm just a nice trustworthy chap. (^_^)

As I said, these are two younger females, one 24, and one 27. Both attractive enough I'd date in a heartbeat if I wasn't way past their age bracket. Heh heh heh. I'd post their pictures here but I don't want a rush for their numbers or e-mail addresses.

The conversation revolved around some of their disgruntlement. Let me explain.

One, the 24 years old, was crazy about a guy for 8 years. In fact, she was so toutoulbé (tootoolbay) that she couldn't tell the fella for 8 years how she felt about him, getting all twisted and tongue-tied when he was near her. Until I threatened to call him up. Anyway, I miss the details how they did get involved, but they did. Except after 8 years, he turned out to be not what she thought. I dunno, maybe she built him up too much in her mind, but according to her, he turned out to be the jealous, possessive type where she could not even speak to his brother (whom she has been friends with for nearly a decade) without him getting on the Rambo act.

The other, the 27 years old I asked why she was still single. I mean, an attractive girl at 27 is a wee bit odd, especially when I hear no mention of any male 'hitting' on her. Turns out I was wrong. They are hitting on her, but she declines. Why?

Well, as it turns out they only want to get into her pants. Nothing wrong with that, right? But as it turns out, she sees them as immature, these guys of her own age. To paraphrase what she said, 'All they can talk about is their cars, and how they want to badden it up'. Nothing about paying her attention, or trying to see where her ambition lies.

Funny I can't remember being like that at that age, but that may be because I had great responsibility since the age of 12. Not all men are like that, I agree, but you would be surprised at the large numbers according to these two women.

A word of advice to young men then. If you see a girl, and you like her, please remember that it's all about her. Not you. Women like attention, but not the big things. It's the little things that you may pass off as trivial (like remembering to send that birthday card, or the 'Hi, I'm thinking about you today' note) that THEY pay attention to.

Be more responsible. With great responsibility comes great power.