16 Feb 2008

A word from the past

Three months ago, Supt Chandraban Maharaj made claims of corruption in the Southern Division of the Police Service. He ought to know - he leads the division. There is a snag though.

The claims have to be 'particularised' and a document highlighting all the specifics of the claims is supposed to be presented to CoP Trevor Paul. WTF?

So now in a further step leading up to (and before) investigations taking place, there must be discussions

"to determine what approach should be taken to investigate the allegations of corruption in the Southern Division of the Police Service."

If you don't believe this, neither do I - until I read it here. But really, after 3 months all Joseph could say was:

"We are not in a position to determine how we are going to proceed."

I remember my Geography teacher in high school used a term I never forgot. He said when you just use words meaninglessly, with no clear aim and purpose aside from trying to bluff your way through, it was called 'waffling'.

Seems to me that Martin Joseph has been 'waffling' for as long as he has been a minister.