11 Feb 2008

Writers' Block

I've often visited blogs that I like to read, only to find out that they have not been updated for weeks or months. Then out of the blue, one post slides in, explaining that the culprit had 'writers' block'.

Now I have had moments when my thoughts are hard to come by... on the topic I want to write about. But that does not mean my mind is idle, or that I've stopped thinking. I just move on to what I am currently thinking about, leaving myself a note to return to my previous topics.

Not posting a thought about something is just sheer laziness. The only excuse really, is that you were not around to post your thoughts.

But to tell me you aren't thinking?!

I believe people read blogs to hear the thoughts of the bloggers, their opinions and outlook on the things that interest them.

I guess some bloggers have no interests.