13 Mar 2008

... and in the news again!

Well, well, well...

Once again, I am right it seems. I blogged once before that Pa-trick gave Hazel a Ministry (then education) as a pacifier after he had a child with an 'outside' woman, my information coming from an impeccable source inside the government.

After all the brouhaha died down, Pa-trick went about business as usual and everything sort of died down. But one denial too many...

You that talk about a woman scorned...? Well, the woman in question, one Angela Nelson really not pleased about Pa-trick denying the whole thing... I mean man, you denying your flesh and blood, and then you want to preach to people about parenting? What kinda example is that?

What struck me about the story though was that Pa-trick struck a deal to keep it hush hush:

...Nelson claims she is breaking an agreement the lawyers for both parties had arranged for her to keep quiet about her claims about Manning and her daughter, who is now seven years old.

Since we can now use DNA in Trinidad, I wonder what a DNA test (or even a paternity test) will reveal? Anyone else curious?

Once more, dunceys are making the news and revealing to all their stupidity and bullying ways. Criminal behaviour from the protectors of society sworn to uphold the laws of the land.

He was taken to hospital Sunday morning. Police arrived on Monday to take him back to the station, but Baboolal said he collapsed and was returned to the ward.

Five police officers were detailed to guard Baboolal at separate times during his hospital stay, until Tuesday when he was released.

I can't believe that... 5 dunceys put to guard a man who can't even move from his bed in the hospital. One wasn't enough? No wonder I always say the idiots at the top only shining khaki, they can't even manage their human resources properly.

In the meantime, protests are feeble since Pa-trick , Tattoo et all simply ignores the will of the people.