16 Mar 2008

Corporal Punishment

Children should not be flogged for not performing well in school or for minor infractions of school regulations. But for bullying, threatening or intimidating behaviour, BREAK DEY ARSE AND BREAK IT GOOD.

And this is where we must recognize the difference between corporal punishment administered as a legitimate and justifiable consequence of one’s gross and potentially violent indiscipline, and abuse inflicted for the sole purpose of domination.

Children must be made to understand the rationale behind their punishment, not just their cut arse but any type of punishment. The child must understand that the cut arse that he is about to experience is being administered as a consequence of specific wrong-doings and for no other reason, certainly not because Mummy/Daddy/Teacher is annoyed with him but simply because there are consequences, good and bad, to his actions and behaviour. When he is good he is rewarded, when he is bad he is punished, and if he behaves violently or hurts people or animals he will get his arse cut.. The child must be made to understand that anger has nothing to do with his punishment. And the rules must always be clearly laid out so that the child knows well in advance that if he engages in a certain type of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour, his arse will be broken.

For MOST children corporal punishment is NOT necessary. There are other children however, who by nature, are not responsive to other forms of discipline and for whom corporal punishment does work and must be administered.

The rationale behind corporal punishment on children is no different to other forms of punishment which the child will experience in the adult world. And if we were to accept the logic that corporal punishment serves no useful purpose then we might as well abolish all forms of punishment and all laws that prescribe punishment or penalties because no law, no punishment, no penalty serves as a deterrent, but people, including children sometimes need to be punished simply because their behaviour warrants it.

If a person whether, child or adult refuses to respect authority in an orderly civilized society founded on respect for the rule of law, he has to be forced to do so.

There is a difference between beating for punishment and beating for violence's sake. This was a response to Dr Nantambu by one Ladybird.