19 Mar 2008

Drug peddling duncey

A duncey, whose job is to escort prisoners to and from the cell block to the court and ensure they have no weapons etc, has been found to have marijuana in his possession. No surprise there.

It has long been generally known that the same officers sell drugs to inmate, supplementing their incomes in a big way.

Also, look at the station it happened. Princes Town again... the place where drugs go missing by the kilos. Anyone wondering how much of that cocaine must have been peddled back to the same prisoners it was taken from?

So here we have duncey walking in big and bold to do his real day's work. Only he got caught. But I am doing my predicting again, he will get off. Yeah, his unoriginal excuse will be that he'd seized it from a prisoner. And by the time the case comes to court, everyone will have forgotten he was caught coming INTO the area, and was not yet on duty.

Let's see who will get set up though.